Can’t Upgrade Antminer Z15 Firmware/firmware Upgrade Failed

Can't Upgrade Antminer Z15 Firmware/firmware Upgrade Failed

Check the following potential causes and solutions if you are unable to upgrade the Antminer Z15 firmware or if the upgrade has failed.

Incorrect Firmware Version

As determined by the model of the miner, make sure you are upgrading the proper firmware version.

Security Firmware V.s. Non-security Firmware

If the miner backstage shows “Failure of System Upgrade – Unable to Find Signature!!!” The Antminer Z15 firmware you are upgrading is not a security firmware, so that’s what that means.

What is Antminer Z15 Security Firmware & FAQs

An Incompatible Browser Or a Browser With Excessive Cache

Use various browsers to test; Firefox or Google Chrome are recommended. If clearing the cache doesn’t work, try using a different computer or laptop.

The Miner Has Been Hacked

For more details, read this article: Viruses, Malware and Remote Attacks on Bitmain Antminer Z15 – How to Prevent and Remove Them?

The Control Board Has An Issue


a. resetting the control board;

b. use the SD card to recover the control board program;

c. replace with a good known one to test.

Note: Warranty policy explanation on returning control board only

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