How to Solve Antminer Z15 Keeps Restarting


The performance of the miners and their mining profits are both impacted by their frequent restarts. How should we troubleshoot the Antminer Z15 when it exhibits this issue? If your Antminer Z15 keeps restarting, it could be due to a number of reasons. Here are some steps you can take to troubleshoot and fix the issue:

How to Solve Antminer Z15 Keeps Restarting


a. The power supply fluctuates. The output power current of the hash board can reach 200 to 300 A when the miner is operating, and the output power of the liquid-cooled miner is higher. The miner must restart when the output power varies drastically. The Antminer Z15’s power supply may need to be changed in this situation. Antminer Z15 uses APW7 PSU.

b. The control panel is harmed. Analogous to a microcomputer, the control board serves as the miner’s brain. It will also force the miner to restart when the control board is abnormal. In most cases, it can be fixed by going back to the miner’s factory settings or flashing the control board’s firmware using an SD card; if the problem still cannot be fixed, you can try replacing the Antminer Z15 control board.

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c. Check the miner’s temperature: The Antminer Z15 can overheat and shut down or restart to prevent damage. Check the temperature of the miner and ensure that it is properly cooled. Consider adding additional fans or increasing ventilation to improve cooling.

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d. Check the firmware: Check for any available firmware updates and ensure that the miner is running the latest Antminer Z15 firmware. Outdated firmware can cause stability issues.

e. The chip is unstable. Generally, the fault can be found by querying the miner log. Then, find the faulty hash board, use the test fixture to detect the faulty BM1746 chip, and replace the faulty chip.

f. The network is unstable. Network instability also has a certain probability of causing miners to restart. Generally, you can try to replace the network cable or network cable connector, and then perform a local inspection.

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