Knowing the IP But Still Can’t Access to Bitmain Antminer Z15’s Backstage


By outlining eight potential causes, this guide will address the issue of having the IP but still being unable to access the Bitmain Antminer Z15‘s backstage.

For your information, we have listed a few potential causes and remedies.

IP is incorrect

When your mining farm has recently been moved or you are using used miners, this frequently occurs.

Reset the miner to factory settings and obtain a new IP address using the IP report as a solution.

Read more: How to Reset Antminer Z15 to Factory Settings

An incompatible browser or a browser with excessive cache

Use various browsers to test as a solution; we suggest using Firefox or Google Chrome. If clearing the cache doesn’t work, try using a different computer or laptop.

The password is wrong

When the default password has been altered, this happens.

Solution: enter the correct password or reset the miner and use default password “root”.

Conflict MAC address

The two miners have identical MAC addresses, which results in matching IP addresses. Alternately, the two miners will be abnormal.

Solution: Attempt to upgrade the miner to the most recent Antminer Z15 firmware version, which S9i can do by using firmware version fix_mac.tar.gz. to fix the duplicate MAC issue.

Conflict IP address

One of the miners obtains a dynamic IP address via DHCP, which is incompatible with the other miner’s static configuration of the same IP address.

To find a new IP address, employ DHCP.

Network anomaly

Ping the miner’s IP address to find a solution. If it can’t be pinged, check and make sure:

  • the router configuration is normal;
  • the DHCP server is enabled;
  • assignable IP addresses in the DHCP address pool is set in a proper range;
  • the computer network port, the miner’s network port, and the switch network port indicator are normal.

You can try restarting your computer and your network hardware. Check the Ethernet cable, the switch port, the switch or router, and all of the above.

The control board has an issue

Solution: a. reset the control board; b. use the SD card to recover the program; c. replace with a good known one.

The miner has been hacked

If the miner is attacked, the web page 80 port may be changed or the login password altered. Read the following article for more information:

Viruses, Malware and Remote Attacks on Bitmain Antminer Z15 – How to Prevent and Remove Them?

Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions so that we can help.

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