Antminer Z15 VS Antminer S19: Which One to Choose


In this post, we’ll compare the differences of Bitmain Antminer Z15 and Antminer S19 to see which one should you choose.

The Antminer Z15 is the newest ASIC model by Bitmain for Equihash mining. And Bitmain Antminer S19 is one of the most profitable Bitcoin mining equipment the market offers. 

Antminer Z15 Overview

The miner uses the equihash algorithm, which is only suitable for mining crypto based on Equihash. These include Zcash (Zec), Hush, Pirate (ARRR), ZenCash (Zen), Horizen (Zen), or Komodo (KMD). 

Of these, Zcash is the most popular Equihash cryptocurrency mined with the Bitmain Antminer Z15

Bitcoin uses the SHA-256 algorithm designed by the United States’ NSA. This is best mined with a rig running the same algorithm. Bitcoin mining software is also very taxing on the hardware and typically requires a lot of processing power to be of any worth. This makes its power demands quite high. 

Antminer Z15 Specifications

The Bitmain Z15 Antminer was released in June 2020, and it is one of the best miners of Zcash. It is well equipped and has excellent features such as low power consumption of 1510W and superior processing power. Therefore it is expected to fetch a sizable income for the owner. It comes with an APW7 power cable.

ModelAntminer Z15
ReleaseJune 2020
Size134 x 242 x 302mm
Chip boards3
Chip size12nm
Chip count9
Noise level70db
Temperature5 – 45 °C
Humidity5 – 95 %

Antminer Z15 Algorithm

One of the most important features of every miner is the algorithm. Each crypto coin operates on a Chinese Blockchain platform, and to mine the cash, it’s necessary to follow a set of principles. The algorithm of the Z15 is Equihash, which was developed by a research group at the University of Luxembourg.

Mineable  Coins

The design of this miner is also different from other previous Bitmain Zcash miners. It is a sleek new design that makes the miner perfect for large-scale mining. There are several coins that can be mined, with Zcash being the most lucrative. Other coins that can be mined include ZenCash, Hush, Pirate, Horizen, Komodo, and more.

You can join multiple mining pools using this miner. These pools include SlushPool, NiceHash, Poolin, AntPool, Luxor. we recommend that you choose the right pool to increase your mining capacity.

Antminer Z15 Profitability

According to today's market estimates (May 25, 2024), the current price of Zcash is: $26.94, the Bitmain Antminer Z15 can mine 0.15230668 ZEC per 24 hours, which is a profit of $1.93 per 24 hours if the electricity cost is 6 cents/kwH.

Maximum Hash Rate

The hash rate of every miner is the measure of the performance of the device. In other words, this is the rate at which a miner solves a hash to receive a reward. The maximum hash rate of the Z15 is 420Ksol/s.

Power Consumption

Heat is an enemy of electrical efficiency, and the two fans used for cooling account for a significant amount of electricity consumption. The lower the temperature, the higher the extraction efficiency. Therefore, it is advised to create the best possible conditions for mining and ensure enough ventilation. The power consumption is 1510W, and the intensity is 6.86Amp. This is a low power consumption compared to the other miners in the market. This power consumption shows that the miners can successfully reduce the production cost and the cost it will take to provide a power supply for the mining equipment.

Antminer S19 Specifications

Bitmain Antminer S19 is one of the most profitable Bitcoin mining equipment the market offers. Another product from the Bitmain manufacturer, the S19, is economical and highly efficient. It comes with a hash rate of 110 TH/s and maximum power consumption of 3250W. The miner was released in 2020 and weighed 13200g. In terms of Voltage and watts, you get 220V and 3250(+5%) watts. The unit uses the Ethernet interface, and its size is 370*195*290.

Optimum humidity is set at 5 percent minimum and 95 percent maximum. For optimum temperature, the manufacturer prefers 5 degrees centigrade minimum. A maximum of 45 degrees centigrade is set for temperature conditions.

VersionS19j Pro
Crypto AlgorithmSHA256
Hashrate100/104th ±3%
Power on Wall@25℃, Watt2950 ±5%

Supported Coins

This miner’s design differs from that of earlier Bitmain Bitcoin miners. The miner is ideal for large-scale mining thanks to its modern, sleek design. Bitcoin is the most profitable coin to mine out of the many that can be. There are numerous other coins that can be mined, including Acoin, Curecoin, Joulecoin, Unbreakable, eMark, Peercoin, BitcoinCash, Terracoin, BitcoinSV, and others.

With the help of this miner, you can join numerous mining pools. SlushPool, NiceHash, Poolin, AntPool, and ViaBTC are a few of these pools. we recommend that you choose the right pool to increase your mining capacity.

Antminer S19 Profitability

According to today's market estimates (May 25, 2024), the current price of Zcash is: $26.94, the Bitmain Antminer Z15 can mine 0.15230668 ZEC per 24 hours, which is a profit of $1.93 per 24 hours if the electricity cost is 6 cents/kwH.

Mining Efficiency

Its efficiency is 0.034 j/Gh due to its power. The miner’s maximum power output is 3250W, and it is a stand-alone device. Synchronization with the SHA-256 algorithm is safer and simpler to use because of its high power.

An Ethernet interface is used by the miner, which has a maximum voltage of 12 volts. With the high power, you have a strong miner that can operate continuously for tens of thousands of hours. It is among the most effective Bitcoin miners currently available.

Humidity, Temperature and Noise Levels

The Bitmain Antminer S19 (95Th) is a powerful Machine for mining bitcoins that is made to work efficiently. It operates between 5 and 40 degrees Celsius and can withstand humidity levels between 5 and 95%. For additional cooling assistance, it has 4 fans. It’s important to be aware that the Bitmain Antminer S19 (95Th) has a noise level of 75db, which some users might find alarming. However, because of its sophisticated design, which enables it to mine bitcoins at a high rate, it is a preferred option for miners.

Difference Between Antminer Z15 and S19 ASIC

The Antminer Z15 and Antminer S19 are both powerful ASIC miners manufactured by Bitmain, but they differ in terms of the type of cryptocurrency they can mine and their hash rate.

The Antminer Z15 is designed specifically for mining the Equihash algorithm and is primarily used for mining the Zcash (ZEC) cryptocurrency. It has a maximum hash rate of 420 KSol/s, and its power consumption is 1510W. With the current ZEC price and mining difficulty, the Antminer Z15 can generate a daily profit of around $30-40.

On the other hand, the Antminer S19 is a versatile miner that can mine various cryptocurrencies that use the SHA-256 algorithm, such as Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and Bitcoin SV (BSV). It has a maximum hash rate of 110 TH/s, which is significantly higher than the Antminer Z15, and its power consumption is 3250W. With the current BTC price and mining difficulty, the Antminer S19 can generate a daily profit of around $70-80.

In terms of price, the Antminer Z15 is significantly cheaper than the Antminer S19, which is one reason why it may be a more attractive option for those interested in mining ZEC. The Antminer Z15 can be purchased for around $5,000, while the Antminer S19 costs around $7,000.


If you’d like Equihash mining, Antminer Z15 can be your best choice. And Bitmain Antminer S19 can help you get the profitable Bitcoin mining equipment the market offers. 

A miner (or several miners, if you can afford it) allows you to secure your investment in crypto even more, because even with market fluctuations and token prices devaluating or entering a bearish cycle, the need for miners is still going to be on a high rise, and you’ll never run out of transactions to validate. Mining crypto gives a whole new meaning to the portfolio diversification concept. It is always advisable to seek insights from other fellow miners before jumping on this train (or any other, for that matter), as to be sure this is an investment you’re willing to make, and the rewards outweigh the risk according to your entrepreneurial profile.


Is Mining Legit?

Yes. Mining is very much legit and continuously on the rise. Since investing and trading with crypto is being made easier by the day, a lot of people claim it’s more profitable to invest in crypto than to mine it. In the absence of an electrical bill, hardware maintenance, and a significant investment that’s required to buy a miner, many crypto geeks overlook the importance of mining, which causes a bit of a shortage. Do extremely high gas fees come to mind? Not only is it due to a high transaction volume but also to a higher demand for block validations with fewer miners. 

Is There Any Specific Care for the Antminer S19

Several indications are available in the user’s manual once you purchase one. It is important to keep the machine properly ventilated and in a dry environment, as humidity is prejudicial to its functioning. So a humidifier is a good investment as well.

Ventilation fans are also a must, in order to prevent the miner from overheating.

Also keep in mind that miners are noisy, so if you live in an area where your neighbours or their children can be bothered by the miner, you’ll need to relocate the device(s) or think of another creative solution . Flammable materials next to the miners are a big no. 

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