How to Set Up Antminer z15


The new Antminer Z15 ASIC is expected to triple its predecessor, the Z11, in hashing power while being more energy efficient. You’ll get about 420KSol/s while consuming 1510 Watts. Which results in 3x the performance and barely any more power consumption. Pricing for the first batch was ~2,100 USD and shipping will happen around end of June 2020.

Antminer Z15 Miner Specification

Antminer Z15 from Chinese manufacture Bitmain can hash any Equihash algorithm based cryptocurrency at 420ksol/s with power consumption of 1510 Watts. Bitmain generally sell Z15 without Bitmain APW++ PSU that can support Wattage greater than 1600 Watts. APW++ PSU is generally cost $200-$300 even purchase directly from Bitmain. Antminer Z15 was initially released in June 2020. It weights around 7.5kg. It’s noise level is 72 db. Antminer L3+ is 70 db. So this is little more louder than Antminer L3+ with two fans instead of one fan. It is generally not advice to run this inside a house because it is too noisy. It uses two fans. Z15 can be setup with ethernet interface to setup the miner. Note Antminer Z15 uses input voltage of 220V. It will not work on your general US power outlets of 110 Volts. Antminer Z15 as you can see from my video can be run from Bitmain APW3++ PSU that support max out put power of 1600 Watts per APW3++ specification, you need 220 Volts to provide power output of 1600 Watts. APW3++ PSU at 110 Volts can only output 1200 Watts that is not sufficient to fully power the Antminer Z15. Antminer Z15 uses ATX connectors from APW3++ to power individual hashing boards as well as controller boards separately. It is generally not advised to use two separate power supplies to power the Z15.

Step 1: Set up a Luxor User Account

First thing to do is to head to the Luxor website and create a user account.

A user account allows you to get extra data analytics into your mining operations, set custom payment thresholds, get manual payouts and enable Catalyst among other features.

Step 2: Scan IP on your ASIC

After you login into the Luxor platform, the Dashboard tab will give you an option to add new workers.

A scanning tool like AngryIP or Locator from Minerstats allows you to scan every device on your network and see its IP address. After getting your miner’s IP address, plug it into your browser and you are ready for configuration. You should see the option to mine with a number of different pools.

Step 3: Set your Pool Features

Luxor Equihash Switch

We are really excited to announce that Luxor Switch will be enabled for the Antminer Z15. Which means that you can directly take advantage of our Equihash profit switching algorithm to earn higher rewards for your hashrate. Our profit switching pool chooses which equihash chain to mine based on profitability which means you get more for your hashrate. It also has the additional feature of paying you directly in Bitcoin.

By having a smart switching algorithm we were able to generate 4.5% of uplift over ZEC and 15.1% over ZEN during our 72 hour testing period.

You can connect directly to our global stratum node:


Password: 123

Once you have these specifications press Save&Apply in your machine. This saves and applies the settings and also reboots the mining process.

ZCash and Horizen Pools

The Antminer Z15 also allows you to mine directly to the ZCash or Horizen blockchain. If you want to get paid out in ZCash or Horizen you can do this instead. You will give up the higher profit that comes with Luxor Switch. The process is the same as the above except use the below stratum proxy.

– stratum+tcp:// stratum+tcp://

Step 4: Monitoring Revenue and Performance

Once you’ve started hashing, grab yourself a beer! It’ll take about 5 minutes for your worker to appear on our stats page. Head to the workers page and click on Switch, you will see hashrate stats for all the miners you are running.

Antminer Z15 Mining Setup and Pools

You can download Antminer Tool directly from Bitmain to set it up where you find IP address of the machine when connected to local network. You enter your miner’s IP address and setup Strantum address and miner worker name (zcash mining address). If you use Antpool the Bitmain’s mining pool, your PPS fees are 3% with minimum payment of 0.001 Zcash (Zec). PPLN fees are 0% but in generally less payouts. Other mining pools are SlushPool, Nicehash, Poolin, and Luxor.

Type of Coins to Mine and Profitability

Here are the complete list of Equihash algorithm coins that can be mined with Antminer Z15 and their daily profits. Horizen(Zen) has a daily profit of $30.59. Pirate (ARRR) has a daily profit of $28.72. Zcash(Zec as a daily profit of $28.25 and Komodo has a daily profit of $23.72. More coins you can mine Z15 means, Z15 machines can be deployed in more blockchains are more opportunity to mine. That reduces pressure on Zcash network difficulty when Manufactures like Bitmain sell thousands of miners in one batch.

Zcash Daily Profitablity

Profit of $25 per day and $778 per month is just an estimates. This price changes with time. Currently with network difficulty you can mine 0.2 zcash coins per Day, 1.6 zcash per week and 6.9 Zcash per month. When difficulty increases in other words more miners join the network, difficulty increases. I have seen daily profitability drop as low as 0.1 Zcash coins per Day. Always take the daily Zcash coins per day profitable mining income with a grain of salt. You will able to recover your mining capital of purchasing this equipment not as fast as the charts say because if the zcash Coin price drops or network difficulty will increase the time for ROI. Sometimes ROI is considerably increased and may not even recover the principle cost of miners before miner becomes obsolete. Miners become obsolete when electricity cost is more than daily reword for mining that coin. Always sell at least portion of coins to recover the electricity income so you do not hold the bag end of the day for electricity bills come dues.

Where to Buy Bitmain Antminer Z15

If you want to buy Antminer Z15 first you want to check Bitmain original manufacture because price is cheapest with manufacture. In this case I would first try Bitmain website for price. It was listed as $3936 for the shipping dates in November 2021. Z15 shipping date of Oct 2021 is listed as $4075. Both of those orders were sold out. Always earlier shipping dates have higher prices because you have little better profitability.

Bitmain is known to ship batches of 10,000 units on each shipping orders. One think I need to warn you that when worst case scenario 20,000 units hit the Zcash network within few days of shipping on October 2021 and November 2021, network difficulty will shoot thru the roof and your profits will drop like a rock.

You will be holding a expensive brick or heat that is worthless to mine. If you want to find a miner right now, always buy a used one from Alibaba. Always negotiate for better price and only pay with Alibaba Trade Assurance supported payments. Never pay with cryptocurrencies because of scammers out there. Alibaba reseller are going to markup the price above Bitmain website price. Currently sellers on Alibaba asking $8000.

You can always negotiate prices and try to drop the price. However, make sure you get a operational video of miner hashing screen and miner operation video. I bought a used miner from Alibaba, it was really banged up. I learned my lesson. It had screws missing. Fans were broken during shipping. Alibaba sellers do not believe in quality as those in eBay or Amazon. Cheap price you pay in Alibaba, you can expect miners those that banged out.

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