How to Upgrade Antminer Z15 Firmware 2023?


The Antminer Z15 has long been one of the most widely used options for Zcash mining, and it is frequently the first choice for miners who are just getting started as well as those who want additional dependable machines for Antminer Z15 setup. Although it is still a potent miner, it is crucial that the Antminer Z15 machines’ owners take good care of them.

In addition to producing the machines’ hardware, Bitmain, the company that makes Antminer machines, also offers the Antminer Z15 firmware. An example of computer software that gives control over hardware inside a device is the Antminer Z15 firmware. It executes the majority of the device’s crucial operations.

How to Upgrade Antminer Z15 Firmware

How to Upgrade Antminer Z15 Firmware

Preparing Tools

1. Hardware includes a computer (Windows system), a miner (or control board), and a router.

2. Software includes IP Reporter, Chrome (or Firefox), the most recent Antminer Z15 firmware from the official Bitmain website.

Log in to the Miner

1. Connect the computer to the router, the Antminer Z15 miner (or control board) to the router as well (the router enables the DHCP service), and the computer and the miner are in the same network segment (typical home routers enable the DHCP service, the default network port and WIFI are in the same network). segment, generally set separately.)

2. Open IP Reporter on the computer, and click the “Start” button with the mouse.

3. The miner’s indicator light will flash red and green five times, signaling that the miner has successfully reported the IP to the network, when you press the IP Report button on the miner or control board.

4. The computer’s IP reporting software will display the miner’s IP and MAC after the Antminer Z15 miner feeds back its IP. IP is all we need.

5. Launch Google Chrome, type the retrieved IP address into the address bar, and press Enter.

6. It will display the username and password. Please enter the user name (the default is root); the user can modify his or her password and login information independently.

Miner Upgrade

1. The firmware upgrade is hidden in the system drop-down menu once you’ve accessed the Antminer Z15 miners backstage; you must click to access the interface for the upgrade.

2. Open the file (2), then open the Antminer Z15 firmware (4) after choosing and clicking the upload button on the upgrade selection interface.

3. The firmware name will appear in the file window after selecting and opening the Antminer Z15 firmware. Click the upgrade button to begin after making sure it is accurate.

4. After clicking to upgrade the firmware, the miner will prompt “Update your firmware now, but wait.” The miner currently restarts and upgrades in a little over a minute.

5. When the upgrade is finished, the Antminer Z15 miner will restart automatically and update its display, signaling that the upgrade is complete.

6. Last but not least, confirm that the miner is the same in the upgraded version. If the upgrade is consistent, it indicates the Antminer Z15 upgrade.

How to Upgrade Antminer Z15 Firmware

Why is Updating the Antminer Z15 Firmware Important?

Bitmain updates and modifies the firmware for their Antminer Z15 machines over time. The functionality of the machine can be enhanced by these Antminer Z15 improvements, increasing its effectiveness. The system is frequently made more secure and less vulnerable to viruses thanks to firmware updates as well.

What to Pay Attention When Updating Antminer Z15 Firmware

You must first download Bitmain’s most recent firmware in order to update your Antminer Z15 firmware. Make sure to select the S9 that you have from the list of available miners. Be aware that there may be other choices that appear to be similar.

For your Antminer Z15 model, there will typically be a number of options available, and you’ll want to locate the most recent release date, which is indicated in the firmware’s name. A description of the firmware will be provided, letting you know what modifications and Antminer Z15 upgrades have been made to it. For instance, it might inform you that it has improved the firmware’s anti-virus capabilities, which can make it more secure.

Also, be sure to note the firmware version that your Antminer is currently running on. This is crucial because you can return to the download page and switch back to the older Antminer Z15 firmware that you are familiar with using if you discover that the most recent firmware isn’t performing well for your machine or is causing issues.

The Antminer Z15 firmware, which will be provided in a ZIP file, can be downloaded. Then, without extracting it, you’ll upload that ZIP file to your Antminer Z15. Remember that finishing the update frequently requires some time. Don’t turn off the Antminer during this process because it’s crucial that you let it finish completely because doing so could harm the device.

The Antminer Z15 firmware that is being used by those who own Antminer Z15 machines needs to be closely monitored. It might be time to look at the new firmware options if they haven’t updated their machines in a while. They might offer your device the extra assistance it requires to function effectively and to address any bugs, thereby enhancing Antminer Z15 security.

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